Schedules Unit

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Excellence in the tasks assigned to the unit and its achievement with the highest efficiency in order to achieve academic output that is in line with international standards and specifications

The Unit seeks to ensure the success of the educational process with high efficiency through carrying out the tasks and activities to which it is assigned by the Vice Presidency for Educational and Academic Affairs in the way that it contributes to providing an educational environment with a clear vision of enjoying the application of quality standards.

• Work on the regularity of the study and examinations in the College
• Set a teaching schedule in a way that matches students' abilities so that they can benefit from the learning process.
• Provide support and assistance to students, and to look into their problems and suggestions regarding the schedules and examinations, so as to provide solutions.
• Contribute to the implementation of development plans in the Vice Presidency for Educational and Academic Affairs to achieve the vision and mission of the College.
• Coordinating with the academic departments in the Deanship to facilitate their work related to the educational process.

The Functions of the Unit
• Preparation of the curriculum and final examination schedules in coordination with academic departments.
• Posting the academic schedules on Website.
• Prepare the final examination schedules and identify the halls according to the number of students.
• Preparation of a follow-up schedule of the lectures and delivery to the follow-up unit.
• Follow-up the processes of assigning the teaching processes to teachers, and hand over to the follow-up Unit.
• Follow-up the teaching divisions to the teachers.

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