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Prince Sattam  bin Abdulaziz university puts all its scientific and technical capabilities to keep up with the state strategic orientations in the areas of science, technology and distance education as set by the comprehensive national plan for science, technology and innovation, and through which the Kingdom seeks to meet the current and future scientific and technical challenges and to reach an appropriate scientific and technical level by mobilizing experts and scientific and technical potentials, sustaining them, and directing them toward national priorities and needs. It also develops the systems and the infrastructure for scientific research and technical development, and it works to set up the right environment for creativity, innovation and development.
Achievement of a distinguished e-learning environment in the college
Improving teaching and developing its output as well as establishing an electronic environment that supports faculty members’ performance and motivates students in Wadi Addawassir and Sulyel through an optimized use of the e-learning system applications and the Blackboard platform for distance learning.

In coordination with the Deanship of Information Technology and distance education as well as the connected authorities, the Unit seeks to achieve the following objectives:
 disseminate the culture of e-learning in Wadi Addawassir
 ensure the quality of e-learning in Wadi Addawassir colleges
 improve teachers’ competences and training them in the field of e-learning and its application
 set up a motivating and supportive e-learning environment
 continuously assess the reality of e-learning in the college
 convert college courses into electronic courses
 consolidate community partnership in the field of e-learning.
 collaborate with other university faculties in Wadi Addawassir to provide programs for distance learning
 provide manpower to contribute to the provision of , e-learning services, programs, workshops via Blackboard
 accomplish tests, assignments, reports and research electronically through the same system in a fully electronic way
 publish, in direct coordination with the Deanship of Information Technology at the university, the electronic awareness of this system by means of guidance, workshops and training in the colleges of Wadi Addawassir and Suleyl as they explain and facilitate the use of this system.
 accommodation of a permanent room for training containing computers with Internet cables and service
 setting up a communication means with the Deanship of Information Technology and Distance Education so as to facilitate the organization of workshops about the system
Unit Functions:
 dissemination of the e-learning culture through workshops and training courses in this area.
 raising the college employees’ awareness to the importance of maintaining the teaching technology equipment in the College
 constant assessment of the reality of e-learning in the College
 assessment of the quality of the electronic courses in the College and following up their implementation.
 providing training courses to students to enable them to use the Blackboard electronic system and empower them with the necessary skills for the use of communication and information technology
 providing training courses for the teaching staff members in the College on e-learning applications to improve their professional efficiency in teaching
 convert the courses in the College into electronic courses
 improve the faculty members’ skill in the preparation of e-courses

Unit Coordinator
Dr. Hany Abdul-Rahman Assalamouni

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