Statistics and Information Unit:

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Statistics and Information Unit :

Leadership at the level of the university faculties in the construction of certified essential reference for data and accurate statistics in the college.
Monitoring of information and statistical reporting for all inputs, and processes and outputs of the college which will help decision-makers in evaluating the quality of performance for planning a successful future.
Unit objectives:
• Provide information and statistics required for all segments of the beneficiaries from inside and outside the college.
• Support the accurate information and constructive scientific methods.
• Apply modern technologies and invest them in the participations of the college and its community.
• Create a central database of all data and information relating to the faculty base.
• Accelerate the speed of collection of information and data to produce reports and statistics.
• Issuance of various statistical indicators and analyses that help decision makers.
• Update data periodically.
Tasks of the unit:
• The classification of data and statistics on college tab, and lay the foundations of data storage and retrieval.
• Conducting statistical analyzes studies and consulting services that meet the needs of decision support.
• Contributing to the preparation of the annual statistical books.
• Participating in the preparation of the manuals, books and pamphlets that clarify the achievements of the university and its events.
• Participating in the preparation of the annual report of the college.
• Modifying, reviewing and correcting the data.

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