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About the Unit:
To keep abreast of developments and challenges, the specialists, with the directions of the dean of the college, developed new schemes appropriate to the paths followed by the students during their study years. As examinations are the cornerstone student evaluation and being aware of our need to provide uniform standards between the sexes to achieve the principle of fairness and equal opportunity, there emerged an urgent need to have a unit responsible for the management, organization and the follow-up of examinations (preparation of exam timetables, the organization of examination functioning, and the provision of statistical database to determine the strengths in order to reinforce them and the weaknesses in order to address them and avoid them in the future).
Providing holistic electronic solutions for managing both examinations and general Statistics
The Unit seeks to contribute to the systematic functioning of the educational process by carrying out the tasks and activities assigned by the Deanship administration. The purpose is to provide an educational environment that has a clear vision and that applies quality standards.
1. Electronic management of examinations
2. Field management of examinations
3. Provision of statistics in relation with mid-term and final examinations for all courses
4. Management of course files for all courses
5. Provision of academic services to students, teachers, and administrators (attendance - grades - academic tasks associated with the work of the faculty member)

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