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Peace, mercy and blessings of God

God Almighty elevates the status of the science, and raise the banner, and make the working on it and be endorsed to his own attributes for the sake of worship, and the greatest closeness has the highest status of scientists, and raise their status, he said: (God raises those who believe in His Almighty and those who gave science degrees).
The College of Arts and Science in Wadi Addawasir of the Sattam bin Abdul Aziz University is one of the beacons of this grand edifice which has served science and scientists in support of scientific research and laying down the principles of thought and knowledge, and elevating the march of progress and advancement both locally and internationally. We are working hard to achieve this vision. All faculty members are doing their utmost to create a university learning environment that is based on the latest scientific and scientific knowledge. Therefore, the College of Arts and Science includes a large number of distinguished faculty members and always strives to attract leading scientists in all disciplines.

This website defines the College and its programs.  The services it provides is a proof of our keenness to communicate with the local and the outside world.  It also provides the academic style in which it serves the student, the researcher and the community. 

Finally, I ask God Almighty that this site is a source of benefit, and a place of benefit to all.
God is conciliatory
Dr. Safar bin Bakhit Al-Mudarri
Dean of College of Arts and Science

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