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The establishment of the college of Arts and Science in Wadi Addawasir was due to the decision of the Minister of Higher Education number 33/28/18248 on 11/06/1426 to take the necessary procedures for the establishment of the College of Arts and Sciences in the province of Wadi Addawasir. The college was established in 1428 and the first semester started the same year, and the newly enrolled students were received. More than 800 students were accepted in the first and the second semester in the following specializations: Arabic Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Computer Science and information. His Excellency Dr. Mubarak bin Mohammed Al-Hamad was entrusted to establish and supervise the project of the college of Arts and Science in the Province of Wadi Addawasir as the first Dean of the college, now His Excellency Dr. Safar bin Bakheet Almudara’ is the third Dean of the College.


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