Administration of Arts and Science college

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Tasks of the administration of the college:
1- Applying the rules and regulations of the administrative and financial affairs at the university.
2- Supervision the Financial Affairs for the administration according to the rules and regulations.
3- Supervising the smooth running and development of the administration.
4- Asking for the total needs of the human and financial resources and other various equipment.
5- Supervising and following up the procedures of running the work as well as the services offered to the employees in the college.
6-Supervising the process of securing the purchase of the urgent requirements of the college.
7-Supervising the different constructions of the college as well as setting plans for equipping and maintaining them.
8-Supervising and following up the implementation of the works of other affiliated units.
9-Nominating supervisors for the different units of the administration.
10-Coordinating with deanships and other administrations that are connected with the work of the administration.
10-Issuing internal business decisions of the management and its units in accordance with the rules and the bylaws.
11-Heading the committees affiliated to the administration and sending the reports to the authorities in charge.
12-Supervising and following up the implementation of the tasks referred to the administration.
13-Coordinating with the vice-rectory of student’s affairs in the fields of common interest.
14-Coordinating and following up the events of the administration with the administration of Public Relation.
15-Submitting periodic reports on the workflow in the administration to the vice dean of the college.
16-Preparing the assessment of the performance of the employees of the administration.
17-Carrying out the tasks assigned by the vice-dean of the college.

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