Unit of Quality and developement

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(The Agency's logo for development and quality)
       Development starts from inside.
(Values of the College's Agency for Development and Quality)
Knowledge, loyalty, excellence, creativity, balance, responsibility.
(Vision of development and quality Agency)
To be one of the outstanding colleges in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia scientifically, technically and administratively.
(Development and Quality Agency Message)
To instill the culture of science and the spirit of loyalty and provide outstanding contribution to all employees of the college to develop their performance and help them to make the Faculty of Arts and Science first among the colleges of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its programs and research projects of a permanent quality that ensure a public partnership in a distinctive atmosphere of familiarity, cooperation and respect.

    (Objectives of the Development and Quality Agency)
1. To graduate students compete labor markets.
2. To achieve scientific and intellectual excellence for college graduates in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
3. Achieve a scientific presence at all levels in areas related to the faculties' specialties.
4. Building a genuine community partnership that works locally, regionally and globally.
5. Promote motivation among all faculty members.
6. Spread the culture of quality and development among the staff of the College.
7. Instilling the spirit of creativity and self-confidence among the students and faculty of the college.

Development and Quality Committee as follows :))(
1- Vice Dean for Development and Quality.
2. Assistance of the Vice Dean for Development and Quality.
3. Coordinator of Quality Unit.
4. Coordinator of the college graduates unit.
5. Coordinator of the Development and Academic Excellence Unit.
6. Coordinator of the Statistics Unit.
7. Coordinator of Scientific Research Unit.
8. Coordinator of the community service unit.
9. Coordinator of the Academic Guidance Unit.
    (Organizational Structure of the Development and Quality Agency :)

First: Development Unit.
Department Units:
Arabic language and literature. Department of
English language and literature. Department of
Computer Science.  Department of
Maths. Department of
Physics.  Department of
B – Supporting Services
1. Library.
2. Electronic Labs.
3. Office equipment.
4. Computers labs.
5. Telephone and Internet.
6. 6-Maintenance.
C- Strategic planning
1. Strategic plan.
2. Organizational Regulations
3. Outstanding Support.
4. Recruitment of distinctive teachers.
  D-  (The official website of the College)
       1- Planning, development and updating.
      2- The content of the college site.
        4. Communication and correspondence.
        5. Protection and Back up.
        6. Privacy.
        7. Declarations.
        8. Maintenance.
        9. Complaints and suggestions.
        10. External links.
       11. Checking the department coordinators for the contents of their units in the site
(E-The sites of faculty members.)
1. Supporting and services.
2. Evaluation.
F- (College Graduates Unit.)
1. Graduates programs.
2. Follow-up of graduates.
(Second: quality unit :)
1. Quality plans.
2. Quality processes.
3. Reviews.
4. Quality systems.
5. Quality standards.
6. Follow-up quality.
7. Program reports.
8. Spreading the culture of quality.

(Third: Statistics and Information unit.)
(Fourth: the community service unit.)
Fifth: Research unit).)

The strategic plan of the Agency for Development and Quality))
1. The commitments of Strategic Plan.
2. Assumptions of the Strategic Plan.
3. The working method of the strategic plan.
4. Methods and tools of the Strategic Plan.
5. Procedures to implement the Strategic Plan.
6. Business partners to implement the strategic plan.
First:  The commitments of Strategic Plan))
1. Harmony with the values, vision, mission and goals of the college.
2. Working responsibility.
3. To absorb the interests such as community service, environmental preservation, etc.
4. Taking into account individual differences at the social and cultural level and achieving equality.
5. Open up new horizons for innovation, excellence, and not just contentment, just to achieve degrees of excellence.
6. Commitment to continuous improvement and development.
7. Support forecasting future needs.
8. Follow-up and continuous review of performance through the approved plans.
Second: The assumptions of the strategic plan) )
1. Inclusiveness of the plan.
2. To make balance between plan to reconcile expectations and needs.
3. Make balance to achieve the quality of all processes and activities.
4. Scientific plan.
5. Reference plan to decrease the gap between actual performance and goals.
6. Spreading a culture of quality.
7. Supporting excellence in performance.
8. Provide the forces to achieve the efficiency and effectiveness of the plan.
9. Provide the right to participate by all levels.
10. Develop clear performance metrics.
11. Periodic evaluation through internal and external consultants.

(Third: Method of work in the plan):

1. Environmental survey through the SWOT model to identify strengths and weaknesses in the internal environment of the college and potential opportunities and threats.
2. Create an environment that allows a solid and wide base through meeting the largest possible segments within and outside the college.
3. Identify visionary frames based on basic premises and governance concepts.
4. Understand the philosophy, objectives and development of Saudi university education.
5. Understanding the labor market and defining an analytical framework for the movement of developments and their impact on the community and university sector.
6. Provide a number of perceptions and options that are desirable and appropriate to achieve the College's vision, mission and strategic objectives.
(Fourth: Methods and tools of the strategic plan)
1. Forms and questionnaires.
2. Studying the proposals of the college officials and heads of departments.
3. Studying the proposals of college graduates.
4. Studying the proposals of parents and businessmen.
5. Organize a variety of panel discussions.
6. Organization of training courses.

(Fifth: Procedures for implementing the work plan of the Development and Quality Agency)
First: An urgent plan that includes the following:
1. Meet all sections of the college (head of department and professors).
2. Develop the overall organizational structure of the development and quality agency.
3. Develop the detailed organizational structure of the development and quality agency.
4. Develop the overall organizational structure of the college.
5. Develop the detailed structure of the college.
6. Proposing the powers of the faculty officials and their departments.
7. Setting the main objectives, stages and procedures of the college and departments.
8. Opening a website for the college on Facebook.
9. Start documenting all college activities.
10. Start building a comprehensive database for the college.
11. Recruitment an efficient consultant to the Development and Quality Agency.
12. Open an integrated course with similar colleges in other universities.
13. Building a Development and Quality Board and meeting all proposed members.

Second: A short-term plan that includes the following):)
Start program that includes: ·
A. The definition of each program ·
B. Statement of purpose of the program ·
C. Program time ·
D. Place of implementation of the program ·
E. The contents of the program ·
F. Graduate databases ·
G. Their questionnaires
2. Workshop for the Development and Quality Agency to define the plans.
3. Building three workshops at the college level as follows:
· A workshop for the development and quality agency to present vision and plans of the college.
· A workshop for the academic affairs agency to present its vision and plans of the college
· A workshop for the General College Agency to present its vision and of the college.
4. Follow-up completion of the following seminars in the college such as:
· Public Relations Unit at the College.
· Academic Extension Unit.
· Graduation Center
· College data center.
Third: Long-term plan:
It includes building a system of plans on the main aspects of the College:
· Graduation of a distinguished student.
· Achieving a remarkable scientific presence.
· Achieve effective community partnership.
Sixth: partners to implement the strategic plan
- From inside the college.
- From inside the university.
- From within the city of Wadi Al-Dawasir.
- From within Saudi Arabia.
- From outside Saudi Arabia.